Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Promnite (Treaser)

bonjour fashionista :) 
Last night, exactly on 24 May night, my school held a farewell party with the theme of "TheRoyal Prom Night Banquet"
The dresscode is elegant uniform.
overnight event can be said to succeed because the invitation enjoyed the party.
certainly the most awaited is the coronation of Prom King and Prom Queen.

I do not think that finally I received an award as the Prom Queen!
and this is just one of the few existing photographs.
as soon as possible I will share it on this blog:)

invitation card


the crown and the sash :)

Gracias :)

Pass !

bonjour fashionista :)
hello bloggers around the world!
how are you?
like I included in the list of bloggers too lazy in 2011: (
year 2011 was busy year for me, because after being declared PASS from senior highschool, I had to test for transfer to a university that I want and hopefully I succeed amen:)
This is the temporary sign passing me. Thank God, I finally graduated with a value satisfying:)

Lulus = Pass

Gracias :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

time to (temporary) holiday

bonjour fashionista :) 
my final exam already finish and time to holiday ..
but all this is only temporary because I have to prepare SNMPTN or college entrance exam.
and now I just enjoyed my holiday and say hello to college (amin) :D
this some picture of me on vacation in Surabaya especially at Grand City Mall , enjoyed ..

love this one >.<

gracias :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

say hello

bonjour fashionista :)

how the news you guys?
I could say one of the most lazy blogger :(
more than a month I've not posted anything on this blog .
not without reason I "silence" of this blog, but since last month I was preparing for thenational final exams.
and now all of that already ended.
exam has been completed just waiting for the results.
hopefully satisfy amen >.<

now time for me to say hello on vacation (for a while)
Surabaya and Madura I come ..
oh yes yes congratulations for the great Friday that celebrate Easter:)

detail tanktop 

unbranded harem pants and tanktop . nino ricci outwear . sox galery sock . nevada boots

gracias :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

quality time ..

bonjour fashionista :)

How are you guys in the middle of this march ?
I feel very busy lately :(
I guess school activities was the one who had confiscated my time.
starting Monday, March 14March until 21March I will follow the School Final Examination and one month again I will follow the National Final Examination.
I ask you for blessings me, may I be given a smooth and satisfactory scores at the end of this high school.
I missed my precious time like this ..

Yamaha guitar
watch - Swatch
LV bedcover
unbranded green tank
unbranded nude baggy pants

gracias :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Forever 21 Spring 2011

bonjour fashionista :)

long time no see ..
I really miss you guys.
seemed eager to post something on my blog, but grade 3 high school activities is very time consuming me.
just try out a week ago was over and on 14th March I have school exams.
and the tasks that are always given each day, it felt very tired: (

but now I'm a time to review a collection of "Forever 21 Spring 2011
I think Forever 21 times this collection is very cheerful because the dominance of pastel colors such as purple, red and blue.
in addition, Forever 21 still displays the lovely girl by giving flowers motif on skirt or dress like this below ..
to view the collection please visit Forever 21

gracias :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

busy girl

bonjour fashionista :)
this is my preppy side.
not exactly preppy :p

sunglasses - Gucci
unbranded t-shirt
blue stripe skirt - Fada
necklace - bought on Jakarta
watch - ODM
ring - Stoberi
red oxford - ropechain

gracias :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sweet month

bonjour fashionista :)
Goodbye January and welcome February !
Don't feel we have entered the second month in 2011.
I think a special month. why?
Since February including a sweet month, which means soon we will celebrate Valentine's Day!
Well unfortunately valentine this year, I could not celebrate with my boyfriend,
Because in January we decided to split :(
But I'm still excited to welcome the February!

white beanie hat - Elizabeth
white shirt - ITC Kuningan
pink western dress - Gift from mom
soft pink tights - Unbranded
white flats - Gosh
soft pink watch - Casio
soft pink Lomo Underwater camera

gracias :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Look Chanel S/S 2011

bonjour fashionista :)
this is it ! first look Chanel ss 2011 :D
I heart the look so much ! what about you dear ???
check it out !

gracias :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

girl on suit

bonjour fashionista :)
Last week me and my family decided to stay in one five star hotel in my town.
yah it sounds weird if I stay in hotels the same as my home region, but because my mom to get a voucher to stay overnight so we decided to use it.
nothing special from the event stay semalamku does it, but I could capture the moment my style there. let's check it out girls!

blue headband - Pink
unbrander T-shirt
black blazer - LunaMaya for HW
black high waist shorts - Missisippi
white chain bag - Chanel
white flats - Gosh

headband - Pink
unbranded T-shirts
black blazer - LunaMaya for HW
DIY skirts
LV notebook bag - Pink
white flats - Gosh
white watch - Monol

gracias :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the heart of rebel queen

bonjour fashionista :)

in 2011 and the first shooting session, I took the theme of the rebels.
you probably guessed I was a girl's brutal rebel and you may guess correctly.
I was a teenager in which when life does not match what I want, my bad side will come out but if my life goes well then I'll be a awesome queen.
and see what happens if I combine it all in one session...

in desperation

 hairpiece - bought on jakarta
unbranded pearls necklace
unbranded black top
stripe see trough skirt - postmode
unbranded shreded tights
black shoes - converse

what you thinking about dear ?

Gracias :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

back to nature

bonjour fashionista :)

happy new year!
I miss you all!
during the holidays I rarely or never even opened this blog. oh so sad -- "
but I had to check several times.
anyway, how do you vacation. whether you enjoy it?
I think this is very less vacation time, because I was on vacation for one week ONLY huhu.
but I still go visit the tour that presents the beauty of nature:)
such as this one place.
this place is near the foot of Mount Ungaran named "umbul sidomukti"
there provide outbound like flying fox and ATVs, other than that the place is equipped with 2 floor swimming pool is for sure the water was very cold -- "

auntie mom.auntie nining.auntie

og my good hair -__-

cardigan - ciwi's have
barong top - bought on Bali
jeans - missisippi
unbranded shoes
black sling bag - Gadis magazine bonus
property - blackberry onyx

gracias :)