Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sweet month

bonjour fashionista :)
Goodbye January and welcome February !
Don't feel we have entered the second month in 2011.
I think a special month. why?
Since February including a sweet month, which means soon we will celebrate Valentine's Day!
Well unfortunately valentine this year, I could not celebrate with my boyfriend,
Because in January we decided to split :(
But I'm still excited to welcome the February!

white beanie hat - Elizabeth
white shirt - ITC Kuningan
pink western dress - Gift from mom
soft pink tights - Unbranded
white flats - Gosh
soft pink watch - Casio
soft pink Lomo Underwater camera

gracias :)


Lijn said...

lovely outfit!!
great great great♥
x Lijn


Kalyana Dewi said...

I'm sorry too hear what you and your bf has.
Love your bunnie hat darling


Sisters and Sisters said...

Thanks! you got so nice blog you look so sweet!
What do you think about follow eachother? Let us know

From Hazal and Cana

mutianugrabita said...

Very sweet on you :)
Mind to visit my page??

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

sorry to hear your break up..
i love your beanie hat!


Shevah said...

You look so cute :)


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

that camera is soooo cute! :)


Bonnie said...

You look effing adorable!!!!
And I'm sorry about your boyfriend. Want me to kick him in the balls?


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

ur amazing:) your so Qute!
thanks for the comment!

xo model from holland

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everyday a new post

annA said...

You're beautiful!

ching said...

i simply adore your camera and your all white outfit. :D

Ariana said...

So sweet!Lovely style!

daraziivana said...

Lijn.shevah.janelle.mirjam.anna.shing : thanks dear :)

kalyana.sherlyn : no problem dear. thanks :)

sisters.mutia : yes I will :)

Bonnie : no problem and thanks dear . haha unnecessary to do that :p

keep in touch all <3

Paola. said...

i completely love the camera of the pics!:) its so nice
i like your blog, xx

Lijn said...

lovely berry.
I gave your an award for your blog!! check out my blog for more info. x Lijn.

Sisters and Sisters said...

Oh we can't see that you are follow us dear!
We are follow you hope you will follow

Cana and Hazal
From Amsterdam

Holly Golightly said...

Very cute outfit!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
Am following...follow me back?

mb said...

good luck witf February!

xoxo, B!

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

i love this sweater!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

kameranya lucu (Y) (Y)

daraziivana said...

Paola.Lijnmb.nadia.dorothy : thanks dear <3

sisters : I already followed you dear !

Holly : I will <3

keep in touch gals !

Lily said...

I love this sweater, it looks so cosy!



Danielle said...

wow. nice ♥

Michaela said...

I love your dress! Thankyou for your comment on my blog!

Nurul said...

blog walking. thanks for dropping comment at my blog :) ur so cool

Nnenna said...

Sorry to hear about your split, but at least you look super cute in your dress! :)

star-crossed smile

daraziivana said...

Lily.Danielle.Michaela.Nurul : thanks dear <3

Nnenna : no problem dear . thanks :)

keep in touch <3

diaswari predani said...

you look great
check out mine if you have time :)
i would be happy if you give sweets too

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

It looks like you have a perfect Valentine's outfit. I think the day is not only about boyfriend's anyway, and you can have fun just with family or friends. : )

Maebell said...

i'm loving that oufit! so cute! what a wonderful blog you have here(:



daraziivana said...

diaswari : thanks and I will :)

emily : thanks and I agree with you dear :)

maebel : thankyou :)

keep visiting all <3

Fashion Nicotine said...

You look so cute =)

Dewanti Primayani said...

i'm sorry to hear about ur relationship :(
but cheer up! valentine's not about spending time with bf, you could go hangung out with other person you love :)
btw love your outfits. you look cute <3

Jocelyn Ng said...

So cute!


thnx for the comment! yes i am following you now, follow me back

xx Maame

daraziivana said...

Fashion.jocelyn : thanks dear :)

dewanti : yes you're right dear :)

fashion : thanks and I will :)

keep in touch <3

mutianugrabita said...

Thanks for the comment :)
iya adeknya mb bika ko tau?

daraziivana said...

aku alumni smp 5 juga dek :)

TigerLily said...

love your fair-isle sweater dress :)
And the pink lomo? to die for!


daraziivana said...

thankyouuuuu dear :D