Friday, February 11, 2011

busy girl

bonjour fashionista :)
this is my preppy side.
not exactly preppy :p

sunglasses - Gucci
unbranded t-shirt
blue stripe skirt - Fada
necklace - bought on Jakarta
watch - ODM
ring - Stoberi
red oxford - ropechain

gracias :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sweet month

bonjour fashionista :)
Goodbye January and welcome February !
Don't feel we have entered the second month in 2011.
I think a special month. why?
Since February including a sweet month, which means soon we will celebrate Valentine's Day!
Well unfortunately valentine this year, I could not celebrate with my boyfriend,
Because in January we decided to split :(
But I'm still excited to welcome the February!

white beanie hat - Elizabeth
white shirt - ITC Kuningan
pink western dress - Gift from mom
soft pink tights - Unbranded
white flats - Gosh
soft pink watch - Casio
soft pink Lomo Underwater camera

gracias :)