Thursday, December 20, 2012


bonjour :)

hey guys, after my final exam.. I'm on holiday now!
you know why I took "asset" for my post tittle ? You will know after seeing some photos below..

top -
lace short - Bugis street at Singapore
loafer - Charles and Keith
bag - Chanel

now, whether you already know what my assets that ?
Yes! I called my hair as one of my asset.
psst.. FYI, I do not wear hair extensions or hair clip!
and these few examples of my fad.. :p

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

welcome back

bonjour :)
hey guys! I miss you.. so long I'm not active on this blog. but now I'm back!
I was so busy with the world of college, so I can start posting new stories and some photos of my style now. hope you enjoy..

you know ? This varsity jacket can design according to your wishes. of color to the text, you can design according to the will and it is my design .. D with 25 and of course red as my fav!

varsity jacket - asnida riani 
unbranded bag
oxford shoes - Amanda Jane's