Monday, January 3, 2011

back to nature

bonjour fashionista :)

happy new year!
I miss you all!
during the holidays I rarely or never even opened this blog. oh so sad -- "
but I had to check several times.
anyway, how do you vacation. whether you enjoy it?
I think this is very less vacation time, because I was on vacation for one week ONLY huhu.
but I still go visit the tour that presents the beauty of nature:)
such as this one place.
this place is near the foot of Mount Ungaran named "umbul sidomukti"
there provide outbound like flying fox and ATVs, other than that the place is equipped with 2 floor swimming pool is for sure the water was very cold -- "

auntie mom.auntie nining.auntie

og my good hair -__-

cardigan - ciwi's have
barong top - bought on Bali
jeans - missisippi
unbranded shoes
black sling bag - Gadis magazine bonus
property - blackberry onyx

gracias :)


Morgan. said...

cute photos, and i like the shirt you're wearing :)

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

lovely photos


Fashion Queen said...

Happy new year and I like your outfit :)

BECCA said...

Cute photos! <3

Marg said...

I love the pictures!!! I love your outfit!

Meri and Anni said...

Nice pictures~
Really like your outfit!
You're cute ;w; <3

Lijn said...

nice outfit, great colors.


Sisters&Sisters said...

Thanks for your comment!

We will follow you, would you follow us back?


Bonnie said...

You are just waaaayayayaya too cute. I love the pictures. It looks like you had a great time!

xoxo. /

daraziivana said...

thanks all and keep in touch ya <3

applecherriemango said...

cute! :)
love the outfit,


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

awh thanks for your comment!
youre so Qute .. i follow you(L)

XO mir..
model from holland!
im new here come check me out!

Nuvelle Vague said...

Love your yellow cardigan!!!! ^.^

Kisses, Carolina

Bella y Cecile said...

lovely outfit, as ever
happy new year for you! xx :D

daraziivana said...

thanks all. keep visiting <3

rĂªve de mode said...

I'll follow you a long time ago my sweetie ;D

really like your style and your blog a lot ♥

kisses & much love :*

daraziivana said...

haha sorry dear I forgot --"

thankyou <3