Thursday, January 6, 2011

the heart of rebel queen

bonjour fashionista :)

in 2011 and the first shooting session, I took the theme of the rebels.
you probably guessed I was a girl's brutal rebel and you may guess correctly.
I was a teenager in which when life does not match what I want, my bad side will come out but if my life goes well then I'll be a awesome queen.
and see what happens if I combine it all in one session...

in desperation

 hairpiece - bought on jakarta
unbranded pearls necklace
unbranded black top
stripe see trough skirt - postmode
unbranded shreded tights
black shoes - converse

what you thinking about dear ?

Gracias :)


Sherlyn Lavenia said...

are they converses? awesome!
your hair matches your outfit perfectly!

Fashion Queen said...

I really love your outfit. The first photo is beautiful.

Meri and Anni said...

I really like your outfit! It is nice~
And you're so pretty<3

ching said...

hello. i really like your high cut shoes. i'm new to your blog and i'm following.

Sasha said...

you have amazing style:)

annA - FASHIONtoFASHION said...

Thank you for your sweet comment my dear!

Love your skirt!
Keep in touch!

Sylwia said...

converse <3
great look!

De Vero said...

This outfit is so cool! I like how you took the pictures ;)

I fallow you ;)

rĂªve de mode said...

Hi cutie C:

Oooh, your pictures looks great.
Really beautiful :D
I like your blog very well ☺

yes i would be happy, if we follow each other :D

: * kisses

Fatima said...

love how you combined the outfit!


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

Love your skirt(L)


xoxo - model from holland

mirjam schuurkamp! said...
im new here so come check me out

ola appletea said...

look is besti!!!

PinkyPi said...

Love your blog

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christie said...

i like the stripy skirt! very cute!

Carissa said...

I love converse! they're soo versatile in everything that we wear!

daraziivana said...

Sherlyn : yes dear ! thanks <3
de vero.ching : follow you back dear <3
thanks all . keep in touch ya <3

Anthea said...

I really like what you did with the sheer skirt and Chuck Taylors.

Thanks for popping into my blog :)

Embracing Style

Lijn said...

love the sixth picture.
your outfit is great

Diana Mieczan said...

Those are such a great photos:) Love your outfiit
Happy Friday

lovedfromthestart said...

Really like this shooting session! You're very striking!

Miri said...

thanks :)
oh sure, i will follow you :)
u follow me back ? :)

Style, She Wrote said...

Bonjour! Qu'est-ce qu'un beau trousseau! Passez un bon weekend! baisers de style, she wrote

Ellen Farida said...

cute as always :)

Ellen Farida said...


Ladinia DalinTasya said...

love the skirt :)


daraziivana said...

Miri : yes I will <3

thanks all . keep visiting <3

Kalyana Dewi said...

love your see-thru-skirt dear :)


LizAnn said...

Super cute outfit! I love it!

VPV Intern

Joy and Amore said...

cute skirt and blog :) thank you for comment dear.

christine shelley candrawinata said...

cool outfit ! :D

Andreea said...

Awesome photos!<3

♥ kisses ♥

Laras Arum said...

your skirt is great. love it!

Marina said...

Thank you for your lovely comment:)

Love your converse!!!
Keep in touch!

xx marina

Maebell said...

heyy there(; just happened to run across your blog! i'm so gladd that i did! you have a lovely blog here with inspiring postss!(:

-maebell! so glad i managed to stop byy!

daraziivana said...

thanks all dear ! keep visiting <3

Alyssa Rose. said...

I love the first shot - Very beautiful with the veil. Cute blog too :)

Annalisa Babysan Laterza said...

Sooo cooollll!
I like!!! :D

daraziivana said...

thanks dear ! love <3

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

wow,,nice SHOT!!

Moya2bean said...

u look stunning

daraziivana said...

dorothy.moya2bean : thanks dear !