Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my wish list !

bonjour fashionista :)

This is a collection of ALDO to Julian Louie 2011.
shoes from ALDO has a character with a gorgeous design. check it out dear!
and last. These shoes are worth the list in 2011 wishlist

Gracias :)


Arika Yasmine said...

Cool shoes.. Great that if this comes in year 2011. btw kamu tertarik beli celana biru yg kamu comment di blog aku?

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Thanks for your lovely comment ^_^
follow you ;)

alfone said...

bisa buat reference for my hunny..

OMG,follow you;)

shinta hawa thandari said...

cute! def i have to buy one of them! :D

shinta (rubic style)

Ashley said...

Holy shite! I love them all! I'm definitely going to have to splurge on this collection!

Thanks for your comment; lovely blog, I'm following you now! :)

sagalina said...

these are so cute:) I <3 ALDO!
yes i would love to follow you<3

minnja said...

wow, looooooove it :))))


daraziivana said...

Arika : yes dear I agree ! ya lwt email aja ya dear.

VicissitudiniLombarde . Ashley . Sagalina : thanks and I've already followed you !!

shinta : so do I dear <3

minnja : I agree dear !

thanks all and keep visit <3

Evelyn Halim said...

Hello dear, I followed your blog already.
This blog is so sweet like its name, sweet berry :)
Btw, 2011 ALDO are so eye-catching.
But I love the basic tan color.


Burcin said...

Hey thank you for dropping by my blog, I love your style you're such a doll!! : D
Following you of course!



kristy eléna said...

wow i LOVE these!!!! they are incredible and this is the first i've heard about them. i can see why they are on your wishlist.

p.s. thanks for the sweet blog comment. i am following you back. =)

Vogue Gone Rogue

daraziivana said...

evelyn : thanks dear . I've already followed you back !

burcin : like a doll ? haha thanks dear (speechless) and I've already followed you <3

kristy : haha yes I agree ! thanks dear <3

keep visit all !

Courtney Erin said...

These are so neat! I will definitely be hitting Aldo to try some of these!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Sarah said...

Ooh laa laa! The second pair are to die for! I love Aldo, amazing shoes!

Sarah from Burn the Blonde XXXX

jessidebergerac said...

These are so funky, I love them!



daraziivana said...

all : I agree with you all dear !
thanks for comming and keep visit <3

Rosie said...

Wow, really amazing patterns!
And thanks for stopping by my blog, we should definitely follow each other :)

Rosie x

Emilie said...

waauuw you have an amazing wishlisht :D


daraziivana said...

rosie : I've already followed you back !

all : thanks and keep visit <3

Blackswan said...

these are FANTASTIC!! i hope we received these wedges here in Aus!

im loving the whole tribal aztec theme!

thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment!

come follow too if you like?!

x Your Only Blackswan

daraziivana said...

yes dear !!
I want this wedges too !
I hope I can get them soon <3

char said...

the shoes are gorgeous!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Wow! There shoes are HOT!

Check out my blog!

MStyle said...

Such amazing shoes! I want those patterned ones in the last picture!! So amazing! ♥

daraziivana said...

Aldo collection really cool shoes and I agree with you all dear <3