Wednesday, November 17, 2010

idul adha

bonjour fashionista :)

this day in Indonesian Muslims celebrate Idul adha.
Idul adha like any other, in Indonesia also cut some animals for sacrificial to be given to the needy.
in my local mosque was cut a few goats and cows.
I'm concerned to see an old woman who jostle just to get 1kg of beef or lamb.
but I'm sad because I could only see and can not help :(
so hopefully everyone can enjoy the beauty of Idul adha amen.

now I will tell my activities today.
today I went to the XXI cinema to watch movies skyline.
skyline movie deserve a position at the box office, because the film skyline presents a very good story is supported by good effects of music and good pictures too.
I am as audience happy watching a movie  skyline.
skyline tells the story of humans who survive when the city (LA) was attacked by a group of aliens.
to further the story you should watch: p

with my mom

knited vest - ITC ambasador
army tank - unbranded
brown baggy pants - ITC ambasador
white chain bag - Channel
nightmare necklace - Jabotabek Shopping
creme flat shoes - unbranded

gracias :)


fhen said...

lovely pants!
happy idul adha!

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Natalie said...

I love your outfit

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it's always nice to learn about other culture's traditions!
Cute outfit btw :))

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Sangat Cantik!

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love your chanel bag! Amazing!
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Jennifer and Sherry said...

love your whole outfit! I really like those colors :)


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Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your bag and selamat idul adha

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

That movie seems very interesting! Haha.
Your outfit is so cute! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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