Tuesday, November 2, 2010


bonjour fashionista :)

Happy Halloween all ! how Halloween day yesterday? whether you feel happy or do not even celebrate?
Halloween celebration in my country is still not commonly done so I also do not celebrate it when in fact I'd love to celebrate Halloween, especially with family.

okay now we forget about Halloween and ready to welcome the month of November we hope to bring a blessing because in my country is being given a trial one of them catastrophic eruption of Mount Merapi.

headband - DIY, cropped tee - juzzie  boutique, bag - gosh, black harem -  unbranded, blue tanktop - unbranded

gracias :)


piapia said...

cuteeee. love the cropped tee :DD

daraziivana said...

thanks dear. follow me if you don't mind :)

Irene Melia Puspita said...

gah! cute outfit dara!
love your cropped tee! :)
thankyou for your lovely comment
i've follow ur blog, mind to follow back?


Ellen Farida said...

cool! cool! cool! I like your style :)

mind if we follow each others?



SASA said...

love your cropped tee. just like winnie the pooh. :p

Alice said...

Hi! Thanks for your nice comment. It's such a lovely Blog you have here and I like the Outfit above. Follow you now. Follow me back? xx, Alice :)

martha puri said...

love your cropped tee :)

michelle_ said...

nice diy crop tee 1

Leonie said...

Lovely outfit!


Aissata said...

love this look, very unique


daraziivana said...

Irene, Ellen, Alice, : thanks dear. I've followed you :)

Sasa, Martha, Michelle, Leoni, Aissata : thanks >3

keep visit all :D

Marella said...

Thank you for your lovely comment! New follower! I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss

Kayraheart.fashion said...

So adorable ..love ur cropped tee and ur blue heart bag

daraziivana said...

thanks dear :)
keep visit !