Monday, December 20, 2010


bonjour fashionista :)

long time no see you bloggers:)
december is a busy month for me - "
why? because from the first week until the third week I had to finish the unfinished material and this week that I should rest, as the grade 12 I have to stay in school!
but the tiredness disappear, because I get top 10 in class! exactly rank 9. although did not get the position 1, I'm still proud of myself because my friends were smart.

now I will tell you about my country, Indonesia has entered the semifinals AFF (ASEAN Football Federation). I'm proud of the national team of Indonesia (Garuda national team). Indonesia won from Philippines with a score of 1-0 at the date of 19-12-2010. my best friend and I decided to watched together in the hills and here are some pictures:)

Indonesia National Team

anditta wore Indonesia polo T-shirt

me . anditta . lintang . darin

grey cardigan - mom's closet
red tank - unbranded
zebra jeans legging - bought on diva
white flats - gosh
black sling bag - kuta Lines
white watch - monol

Gracias :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

full of happiness

bonjour fashionista :)

I'm very happy now!
why? because my exam was over last friday and a lot of parties to close the second week in December this yipie: D
The first happy news when I would come home from school, there is an announcement anyone who remedial english exam and I'm not one of them.
the second on Friday night, my friend (ciwi) celebrates the 17th birthday party in serata.
party quite lively despite the rain came pouring my town.

Me . Ms.Luna . Diva

and this is ciwi (great dress friend) !

vest - bought on Jakarta
wacth - ODM
aztec jumpsuit - bought on Jakarta
brown shoes - gaudi 
brown handbag - LV

The third on Saturday afternoon before, my friend (amalia) also held a birthday party in simsix.
does not actually belong to a party but rather thanksgiving.
and the last moment to announce my class chairman said that remedial physics, once again I'm not one of them.
thank you God. Alhamdulillah:)

Dara . Diva

white cardigan - unbranded
tank - postmode
hand bag - LV
sandals - unbranded
skirt - postmode

gracias :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

military school !

bonjour fashionista :)

I miss my blog! long time no post something on my blog as there is a weird haha.
lately I'm busy with school -- "
from homework until daily tests.
Grade 3 high school can say the same as a military school!
why? because Sunday should be a holiday, I and friends stay in school to get maximum results in graduation later.

Fyi, now at my school is implementing the final exam semester 1,
which lasted from 2 December until 10 December.
Pray that I get a satisfactory value. amen.

military blazer - bought in Jakarta
school skirt - bought in Jakarta
blue studed shoes - Gaudi
silver bag - Nightmare Before Christmas
grey tights - unbranded
nightmare ring - Stoberi
black t-shirt - unbranded
nightmare neklace - Jabotabek shopping

Gracias :)