Saturday, December 11, 2010

full of happiness

bonjour fashionista :)

I'm very happy now!
why? because my exam was over last friday and a lot of parties to close the second week in December this yipie: D
The first happy news when I would come home from school, there is an announcement anyone who remedial english exam and I'm not one of them.
the second on Friday night, my friend (ciwi) celebrates the 17th birthday party in serata.
party quite lively despite the rain came pouring my town.

Me . Ms.Luna . Diva

and this is ciwi (great dress friend) !

vest - bought on Jakarta
wacth - ODM
aztec jumpsuit - bought on Jakarta
brown shoes - gaudi 
brown handbag - LV

The third on Saturday afternoon before, my friend (amalia) also held a birthday party in simsix.
does not actually belong to a party but rather thanksgiving.
and the last moment to announce my class chairman said that remedial physics, once again I'm not one of them.
thank you God. Alhamdulillah:)

Dara . Diva

white cardigan - unbranded
tank - postmode
hand bag - LV
sandals - unbranded
skirt - postmode

gracias :)


Chiara TheMinette said...

You're beautiful! :)

Sylwia said...

you're very cute girl!!!
of course I'll follow!! :)
follow back??


Sasha said...

such lovly photos!
thanks for stopping at my blog:)

Fashion Queen said...

You look beautiful. I love your outfit.

Fashion Fabrice said...

This is a great post!i love your outfits and the opnes of your friends and ps: your STUNNING:) Im really happy I ran into your blog! it's a great read and i like your style:)
Im gonna follow your blog!

Hope you visit me and follow me back! That would be amazing:)


Have a fabulous day!

Bonnie said...

You are so damn cute. I could seriously put you in my pocket and carry you with me everywhere.

annA said...

We have the same hair style!
You're lovely! (:

Monroe Steele said...

love the jump suit. really lovely photos. you are so stylish and pretty. thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. visit me again soon

Fashion Steele NYC

Lola Finn said...

just sweet :)

daraziivana said...

chiara.shasa.queen.anna.monroe.lola : thanks dear <3

sylwia : thanks and sure <3

fabrice : thanks dear and I will follow you bac <3

bonnie : haha yes take me please :p

keep in touch all <3

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

congratulations kak :)
*sigh* i'm not even test yet -__-
btw, lovely aztec outfit love it a lot !


SoYesterday. said...

so pretty!
love the photos :]

~now following :]

<3 :)

Kenziefaith said...

This post is filled with beeeautiful outfits! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing :)

KF x

Kat said...

cute pics!! you are so pretty!
you have a great blog :)

im going to follow you.
i hope you can follow me back ^-^

Marg said...

I love the pictures!!!!! I am now a new follower!! I hope you could visit my blog!!!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

You are so beautiful! I love both of your outfits shown in this post but my favorite is the outfit in the first set of pictures! :)
Congrats on not needing remediation!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

verena said...

thank u very much.
yes, lets follow! verena

Blackswan said...

loving your aztec jumpsuit and vest combo!! very bold, you look great!

thank you for dropping by,

x Your Only Blackswan

Fátima said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D I follow you! :D i would like you to follow me :) sorry for my english... :d i love your bag! its so cute! xoxo!

Niko's view said...


daraziivana said...

Ladinia : thanks dek:)kapan examnya?

soyesterday.Kenzie.chelsea.blackswan.niko : thanks <3

kat.marg.verena.fatima : thanks dear and I will <3

keep in touch all <3

Bella y Cecile said...

great post!
you and your friends are lucky, you have an incredible style
thnx for your comment! xx

Venus In Virgo said...

Sure Ill follow you, now following you follow me back :)
Thanks for your comment on my blog I appreciate it. Love your photos XOXO

Little Miss Curious said...

Wow, seems you really have reason to celebrate :)

Well, unfortunately, my next week is going to be full of exams :/



super cute outfits!
feel free to Follow Me xoxo
twitter: @FASHION_ICE

matchboxmuse said...

you're so cute :) and all your outfits are adorable! you and your friends look like you're having a lot of fun.

love, M

Z--- said...

loove the LV handbag!xx

Mary said...

I love your bag and your shoes.Fabulous;)
Lovely pics!!
I added to your followers,your blog is very cute!
Have a nice Monday
xx Mary

Castor Pollux said...

Nice handbag, it matches all your outfits
nice skirt too!
i notice you're a friedn of diva too? hehe

Castor Pollux

p.s sure let's follow each other. following you now, waiting for your fol-back, thx!

Carly said...

You look so adorable in that aztec jumpsuit! Love it on you:)

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice blog and cute pics! <3

daraziivana said...

bella.match.Z.mary.carly.sandra : thanks dear <3 : thanks and I will <3

little : thanks and good luck dear <3

castor : thanks dear and you're right !

keep in touch all <3

Chelsea Lane said...

your jumpsuit is such perfection! love your second outfit too :)


Venus In Virgo said...

Hi again,
its just weird because you don't show up on my follower list LOL! Darn Eblogger must be having technical problems again ;) Thanks for your comment on my blog XOXO

ASHLEY K. said...

You have such wonderful style! Great blog <3

Purplement said...

You have some insane swagger and style for a youngster like u:) so impressed!!Gosh keep up the good work...You look beautiful and lush!! said...

u look adorable as always and the print on the jumpsuit is so amazingly gorgeous..

Ratu Annisaa said...

You look extra gorgeous!

Thanks for following my other blog, but I don't really update it anymore, so could you please follow my first blog-E.L.F? Thanks a lot!

Ratu Annisaa said...

By the way I've followed you! Thanks a lot again for your comment! You're the best!

plentyforpennies said...

Really love these pics and that skirt!!

Nnenna said...

your skirt is so cute :)

daraziivana said...

chelsea.ashley.purplement.kayraheart.plenty.nnenna : thanks dear <3

venus : I'm sorry dear but I've already followed you <3

ratu : thanks and I will <3

keep in touch girl <3

Marina said...

great post!! yu are so pretty!!!!!!

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kiss Marina

minaischic said...

OMG I love your blog!!!!!!you have such a coool style!!!

of course I follow u dear!!!


November Grey said...

You are so adorable! Like a little baby doll! And so fabulous with your friends.


November Grey

Claudia Paola. said...

Heya- It would seem you left me the same comment twice... If you check your list, you'll see I'd been following your blog already!!

Molto ❤ Fashion

daraziivana said...

marina : thanks and I will dear <3

november.minaischic : thanks dear <3

claudia : haha sorry dear <3

keep in touch all <3

Margaret said...

you are sooo pretty <3 great outfit :)

michelle_ said...

you look really cool in these photos !

i hope you've had a great weekend :)
glisters and blisters

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Diana caitilin said...

love your jumpsuit!
have a nice day

daraziivana said...

Margaret : thanks dear <3

Michelle.diana : thanks and you too dear <3

Melissa said...

I love the maxi dress! My friend is also from Indonesia and she mad me notice how stylish you girls are!

Following you xxx

Melissa said...

I love the maxi dress! My friend is also from Indonesia and she mad me notice how stylish you girls are!

Following you xxx

daraziivana said...

Melissa : thanks dear <3

Violet said...

i love those pants. you guys are a stylish bunch!

Vi from Cali

Sareezfashions said...

Awesome collection.. realy nice stuffs..

Indian Sarees

daraziivana said...

thanks all <3

Thekla said...

thank you for ur sweet comment:) and yes we could follow each other through google&bloglovin:) following you now,will be waiting the same from you as you said:)xx